Private Jet & Helicopter Flights

VIP executive private jet and helicopter flights.
Safety, comfort and privacy along with the highest level of service.

Our Mission

Safety, comfort and privacy along with high level service are the values that helped build and solidify the success of Air-Dynamic throughout the years. That’s why Air Dynamic is the leader of private jet and helicopter transfers today.

Vip private jet flights

VIP executive private jet flights came as a natural extension to the existing services in order to provide a comprehensive transportation solution…

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Aircraft procurement and management

Should you be in the market to buy or lease an aircraft we will work to get you the best solution within your budget…

Vip private helicopter flights

VIP private helicopter flights are our passion and core business. We can organize a helicopter transfer…

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Aerial work

Air Dynamic helicopters’ rotorcraft are deployed worldwide for diverse aerial work duties which vary…

Exclusive Travels – Destinations

Check our best destinations by Jet and Helicopter and request your quote to experience exclusive travel with Air Dynamic.

More about our Premium Service

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Luxury and comfort

Are the key words for every service, unique in every detail. We invest a lot of energy, passion, and expertise into seeking out unique solutions for each client. Our role as an air service provider puts us in touch with the leading aircraft manufacturers. From this point on you are in complete control over your purchase, no middlemen, your aircraft delivered to your specifications.

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Safety and Security

Only the most reputable and safest operators in the world will be selected for you. You can be assured that the following, as a minimum, has been verified: Liability Insurance Confirmation, Pilot Training, Experience, Certifications and Type Ratings, and Completion of Operator Performed Pilot Background Checks.

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All Around the World

Our logistics background has clearly impacted the way we do business. Each transfer will be coordinated from the moment the passenger leaves the office or home to the moment they arrive at the hotel. No gaps, no grey areas. Our experience and network ensures competitive rates, contingency planning, and the organization of all logistics.

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24/7 Support

Air-Dynamic offers you 24/7 service and its staff covers most of the international spoken languages:
English, Russian, French, German, and Spanish. We are happy to communicate in whichever way you prefer be it by e-mail, SMS, WhatsApp, Viber or any other encrypted means.

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