Month: May 2020

costa croata macarsca dalmazia

Tourism, Travel and Health Emergency: Which Countries Have Opened The Borders And Which Are Still Stopped?

What is the situation for tourism? Which countries are reopening and which are still completely blocked?
Let’s try to make a first list.

In Croatia borders are open and there are no forms of isolation and quarantine.
Italy has planned a complete reopening on 3 June, not without close supervision of the situation.
Cyprus and Greece expect full reopening for the beginning of July.

costa croata macarsca dalmazia

on the other hand, there are several countries that have decided until date to be defined to hold the quarantine obligation: AustraliaCanadaChinaUKHong KongJapanSpain and many more have decided to continue with this rule.

In France quarantine is not mandatory but the borders outside Schengen area remain closed, except for those who return home. Visits for tourist reasons are not allowed.

The Swiss borders are open again, but the controls are still in force. Entry into the Confederation is not permitted for purely tourist or shopping reasons.

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