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2021 is the year of “bleisure”

Bleisure private jet

Business and Leisure united in a single experience: let’s analyze the phenomenon.

Private flights are doing better and better: the sector closes 2021 with strong growth compared to the previous year but – above all – exceeding the levels of 2019. That is, it is even better than when the pandemic had not yet become such a widespread word and the Covid hadn’t entered overwhelmingly into our lives.

And finally, business is combined with pleasure: the concept of bleisure is increasingly in vogue among people who travel a lot for work and take advantage of their travels for some moments of leisure, even with their family (why not?). This trend certainly helps the exceptional numbers of the private aviation industry: even single events that attract important managers and personalities push the use of private flights but this is certainly not a news for cities like Milan, NewYork, Geneva, Paris etc.

Air-Dynamic is an expert in bleisure and always manages to help our loyal customers to combine moments of work with special moments to spend alone or with loved ones: how? With maximum flexibility: no connections to take, no timetables, no restrictions. Being masters of your time, the most precious resource we have, is just that: not having to keep up with the schedules of others and airlines, but being able to move with the utmost freedom, anywhere and at any time.

Do you want to try a bleisure experience with us? Write or call us, tell us where you are destined for work and we will take care of the rest, as always.

Bleisure private jet

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