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Cargo Aircraft

cargo aircraft air dynamic
Cargo Aircraft

Air-Dynamic, thanks to a decennial experience in hostile environments operations, organizes any kind of cargo transfer by using different types of aircraft based on weight and dimensions of the cargo.

Air-Dynamic covers the following cargo charters:

  • Heavy and outsize cargo
  • Humanitarian and relief
  • Remote destinations
  • Time critical charters

Below a summary of the most used aircraft

Aircraft Type Max. Volume (cbm) Cargo Capacity (tons)
Saab 340 36 4
Antonov AN-26 30 5
Boeing B737-400F 130 17
Antonov AN-12 85 18
Boeing B757-200F-200F 200 25
Ilyushin IL-76 200 40
Boeing B777F 550 100
Antonov AN-124 1040 120
Airbus A380 184 120

Note: All data are indicative and to be reconfirmed based on flight length and winds

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