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Charter flights with Air-Dynamic: freedom and flexibility

Private Jet Lugano Airport AirDynamic

Did you know that chartering an aircraft with friends and colleagues can often be cheaper than flying commercial? Plus you have the freedom to choose. Let’s focus on this matter.

When we talk about private flights we often think of a service that is unapproachable if not to a very small elite of extremely wealthy people. If it is true that the cost of a private flight is not comparable to the cost of a low cost airline, it is also true that the service is diametrically opposite.

Is flying privately always more expensive than flying commercial?

Private Jet Luxury Charter Lugano Switzerland Air Dynamic

Often, incredibly, taking a charter has advantages that are not only of service but also economic: dividing the cost of a private plane flight often results in a better, more flexible, personalized and even less expensive service.

Work groups, sports teams, friends, etc. flying your charter is an optimal solution. You will fly privately for the cost of a commercial flight (if not a lesser one). Do not you believe it? Call us now, numbers speak 🙂

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