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Empty legs: what are they and how can you benefit from them?

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We have more and more, and we are looking for people to fill them!

As Air Dynamic, we are thrilled to share with you our latest initiative to provide our customers with even more value and luxury through our private jet and helicopter services. We have recently started to post our “empty legs” on our social media channels, Facebook and Instagram, to offer an exceptional experience at a special price.

First, let’s explain what empty legs are. An empty leg is a term used in the aviation industry to describe an aircraft that is flying without passengers onboard, typically returning to its base or en route to pick up its next set of passengers. These empty legs are often available at a lower cost compared to a typical private jet or helicopter charter, as the operator is able to offer the flight at a discounted rate rather than flying an empty aircraft. Maximum transparency here.

At Air Dynamic, we recognized the potential of offering these empty legs to our customers as an opportunity to provide a luxury travel experience at a reduced price. By posting these flights on our social media channels, we are able to quickly and easily share the details of the empty legs with our followers and potential customers. This not only allows us to fill empty legs more efficiently, but also provides our customers with an exclusive opportunity to enjoy a luxurious private jet or helicopter service at a fraction of the cost.

Our empty legs are available for both short and long-haul flights, and can be booked through our website or by contacting our experienced customer service team. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional service to our customers, and this initiative is no exception.

What do you have to do? Start following us on our social channels, as soon as you see a flight that suits you, contact us (as soon as possible) and that’s it! We look forward to having you on board!

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