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Fly High with Air Dynamic: Your All-Inclusive Formula 1 Experience Around the World

F1 Car Racing

From Qatar to Mexico, passing through the USA, just to mention the next 3 appointments. A splendid opportunity to experience new emotions.

The world of Formula 1 is synonymous with speed, glamour, and precision engineering. For enthusiasts of this adrenalinic motorsport, experiencing the thrill of each race in person is a dream come true. While attending a Formula 1 race is an exhilarating adventure, the logistics involved in traveling to various international circuits can be daunting. Air-Dynamic all-inclusive packages make following the Formula 1 season across the globe an effortless and unforgettable experience.

Forget about the hassles of commercial flights and long layovers. With Air Dynamic, you’ll travel in style aboard private jets, ensuring utmost comfort and efficiency throughout your journey. Arrive at each race circuit feeling refreshed and ready to immerse yourself in the excitement. Thanks to our partnerships we are the first to have ticket availability (the good ones).

Together with the emotion of sport, thanks to our customizations it is also possible to visit the various countries: why not take the opportunity?

These are often beautiful countries and convenient locations for excursions and adventures.

If you already have something in mind, tell us about it, otherwise we can guide you through the beauties of the various locations that are lucky enough to be touched by events of such importance.

In any case: live the F1 experience with Air-Dynamic!

Start of 2018 Grand Prix of Austria

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