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Flying to Serbia with COVID Restrictions


Another nice flight concluded successfully despite the new lockdown that Italy is experiencing.

A business trip, an important commitment for a well-known footballer, destination Serbia. One of those countries that still for us Italians fall into “Category E”, that is the one that includes those countries to which travel is prohibited except for absolute necessity and binding commitments, just as in our case.

Obviously, a last minute request, because a little pepper never hurts. Departure required for the next day, on the weekend, we are on Friday, the Serbian AAC closes at 14:00 so once again little time to organize everything, but we are used to it, we already know all the arrangements even before the requests arrive, so the customer is already made aware of everything they need even before receiving the offer, we define everything and in a very short time we also have all documents, Covid tests, authorizations and what it takes to fly.

Easy, quick… said and done. But how beautiful is our work?

Private Jet Serbia Football

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