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Heaven at your fingertips

St Tropez France

Reaching paradise within 1 hour, directly from Lugano.

Spring has finally arrived: celebrating it with a splendid trip out of town is more than advisable.

Unfortunately, time is always short but the desire is so great: where to go if you only have 1 day available?

Ok, maybe even a couple but the substance does not change: hours and hours by car are not pleasant, not even half a day on the plane with maybe uncomfortable departures and arrivals at prohibitive times.

Isola D'Elba

In 1 hour from Lugano, starting when you want, we can take you on these spectacular trips: Isola d’Elba, Venice, Florence, St. Tropez … these are just some examples of the fantastic 1-day-trips you can take by going at the time you prefer to Lugano airport and flying with us. And to go home? No problem, we’ll take care of everything: take the map, decide the destination of the next trip and relax.

None of the proposed destinations are right for you? Call us, we will choose together the most pleasant one for you, able to take into account the short time available but still taking into account your preferences.

Come and visit us for a coffee or contact us!

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