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How does AirDynamic behave regarding the cancellation policy?

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This is a historical period where flexibility wins: it is necessary to be ready for changes and quick to adapt to new regulations, also in light of the evolving health emergency.

How do travelers feel comfortable booking a flight that could be canceled or rescheduled due to force majeure?

We have thought about it and we have some answers that we believe will reassure you 100%.

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We are always vigilant about the current regulations: that’s right, we don’t sleep at night in order to always be extremely up-to-date on everything that happens, there may be bans or new last-minute regulations and we will always be the first to know in order to deliver the best service possible, always in full compliance with the laws in force.

Travel insurance: it can happen, even beyond this unpleasant situation, that you have to cancel a trip. Our insurance solutions are extremely flexible and adapt to your needs in a modular way. Call us, we will be happy to investigate together.

We do not ask you for money until we are confident we can fly: exactly, before making the commitment we check that there is at least a strong chance to fly. In this way we reduce the chances of starting the reimbursement and insurance process with all the stress that this entails.

What do you think, have we convinced you? In any case, let’s have a coffee or a call together to focus on this topic, we have tailor-made solutions to reduce the stress caused by last minute cancellations to zero.

Discover them with us.

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