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How to fly with style: what to wear?

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Discover with us the private Jet Etiquette!

We have seen so many in more than 15 years of honorable service and we believe it can be useful, perhaps to those who are entering the world of private aviation for the first time, this nice little guide.

There are two main types of private flights: business and leisure. Flying for business simplifies things: all you have to do is dress as if you were going to the office or to a meeting. The fact that you are a few kilometers from the ground changes little: where formalities are required, it is necessary to dress formally.

Everything changes if you are on a leisure flight: how to dress? The solution is actually simple but not trivial: comfort is essential but a touch of style is always necessary.

There is no need to overdress, but you can often feel uncomfortable on a luxury aircraft when you haven’t paid the right attention to the look.

Look at these customers we were lucky enough to host on board a few weeks ago: elegant but always at ease. How about? Are they a good example?

In any case, if you need advice we will be at your disposal: we promise that even in the case of a particular shirt or fluorescent trousers we will not leave you on the ground 🙂

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