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How to keep up with the new covid regulations?

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We know, it’s practically impossible.

There are those who, like us, do it for work.

We always know where to look, the institutional sites to refer to and we have our official sources. Despite this, it is a pharaonic work that must be done continuously and for each new trip to a different nation: each nation has its own regulation that must be respected in order not to incur sanctions and to ensure a smooth travel experience.

Having said so: it is essential to rely on those who have great experience in the field. Over time (now more than 17 years of work in Private Aviation) we have become consultants at 360 degrees: the only thing you will have to do is tell us where you want to go (and when). We will take care of everything: we will make your trip peaceful and comfortable and we will be able to keep up with regulations that change from day to day.

In this difficult historical period, entrust yourself to those who complete private flights every day with the utmost satisfaction and safety: rely on Air-Dynamic.

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