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In 15 minutes from Lugano to Milan by taxi

Lilium Elitaxi above Lugano Lake

Yes, but the taxi is a bit different from the ones you probably know..

Everyone talks about it between Milan, Lugano, Como…

In 15 minutes from Lugano to the center of Milan, with no CO2 emissions or noise. Air-Dynamic plans to achieve this in three years, by 2026, when they acquire the first fully electric jets produced by the German company Lilium. We already spoke about this in this article but know is on everyone’s lips.

The Lilium aircraft can carry 4 or 6 passengers, depending on the version, and can be recharged in less than an hour, providing a flight range of approximately 175 km. They are quite fast for electric planes, capable of reaching speeds of up to 280 km/h. Safety is ensured by 30 small motors, compared to the two or four engines in conventional kerosene aircraft. Even if one motor fails, there are still 29 remaining.

Furthermore, Lilium aircraft have the unique feature of vertical takeoff and landing, similar to helicopters. They are not limited to airport runways and can operate wherever there is a helipad or even just a free area of at least thirty meters by thirty meters.

Air-Dynamic’s CEO, Raffaella Meledandri, emphasizes the need for support from authorities in Lugano to make the project a reality, as they have experienced more enthusiasm from the city of Milan. The goal is to land at City Life in Milan, and the company is collaborating with the city and Politecnico, with advanced progress in the works.

The aim is to offer a new service for fast travel on short but busy routes, such as Lugano to Milan, or tourist destinations like Lake Como within a radius of 175 km. The cost is expected to be “not exorbitant” and comparable to a helicopter flight, with prices varying depending on the occupancy of the aircraft.

Air-Dynamic believes that electric aircraft are still in their early stages of development but progressing rapidly. They envision their future use for reaching more distant destinations in a safe, silent, and environmentally friendly manner. Raffaella strongly believes in the importance of embracing this technology now rather than being passive observers in the face of future challenges!

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Lilium Elitaxi in an Hangar

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