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Maldives or St.Moritz?

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for us it’s the same: we can take you anywhere with minimal notice. A single point of attention: don’t get your suitcase wrong 🙂

The destinations that we reach every year together with our loyal or new customers are always numerous and the most diverse. Sea, mountains, spas, lakes, isolated resorts and much more.

Today we want to talk to you about two places at the antipodes: in between there is all your imagination in choosing destinations of any kind (and our professionalism in taking you in the best way possible).

Of course, the Maldives in these cold days are a great temptation. The immaculate beaches, the crystal clear sea, the palm trees … relaxation. All this is accompanied by a warm temperature and a pleasant sea breeze.

What more can we say?

maldive islands

On the other side there is St. Moritz: in winter it shines with its own light, aided by the white mantle that covers it and which makes the atmosphere magical. Ski slopes, Nordic walinking and spas to relax in the evening.

Not bad huh?

sant moritz luxury private et
St. Moritz im Winter

The choice is yours: we can take you anywhere and these are two examples, deliberately (as we said) at the antipodes.

Let us inspire you or tell us what you want: we will take care of taking you to the place of your dreams. Contact us now 🙂

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