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Not just private jet flights..

Luxury Helicopter

..and no, it’s not enough to add private helicopter flights to get a complete picture. Let’s get an idea of the services offered by Air-Dynamic.

Let’s start from the basics: Air-Dynamic offers its customers over 17 years of experience in private flights.

We are therefore able to offer the best price and the best possible service on every route and by every means: Jet or Helicopter does not change, we are obsessed with your satisfaction.

But that’s not all: we take care of all Yacht operations. You can learn more by clicking here. We provide worldwide ad-hoc or seasonal helicopter services for your yachts with the latest machines from the world’s top manufacturers with examples from Bell, AgustaWestland, Eurocopter and Sikorsky.

Yacht and Private Jet

We also have a particular focus on sporting events, active partnerships to closely follow Formula1, America’s Cup, MotoGP and all the most important international events.

Our dedicated and diverse team has been involved also in aerial work for over thirty years. From being a part of the very first company in the world (Aerolift Intl) to employ Russian helicopters in the west in the early 90’s to the provision of Russian Helicopters in peace keeping missions worldwide and the use of Kamovs in construction and fire-fighting duties in the west, we continue to use heavy lift rotary wing aircraft in specialist applications.We offer a comprehensive list of achievements and the ability to tailor make a solution with the right aircraft.

There’s more: Air-Dynamic, thanks to a decennial experience in hostile environments operations, organizes any kind of cargo transfer by using different types of aircraft based on weight and dimensions of the cargo.

Cargo Fly AirDynamic

If you or your company has the means to purchase or lease or if you regularly charter such an aircraft, Air-Dynamic has extensive resources and experience in finding the right jet to suit your needs and budget.

In addition to consultancy throughout the purchase we offer aircraft management throughout Italy and Switzerland or any other location you may want your aircraft to be based (registered), provide training, flight crews, maintenance and operational oversight.

Lastly, Air-Dynamic, in collaboration with the best Air Ambulance Network in the world, offers fast and safe medical emergency transfers both for emergency medical care and Covid-19 cases with the latest version portable medical isolation unit PMIU solid-shell Epi-shuttle.

Air Ambulance Air Dynamic

In short, a wide range of services for every need. Call us now to find out more!

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