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Raffaella Meledandri is the heart of Air-Dynamic.

Italian father, German mother, Swiss by adoption with a Master Degree in Political Science, Raffaella is an experienced Managing Director and Luxury Travel Experiences Coordinator with a demonstrated history of working in the airlines/aviation industry.
Skilled in Negotiations, Operations Management, Logistics Management, and Aviation she is with Air-Dynamic since day 1.
Raffaella has close to a decade experience in the United Nations world, travelled and lived all over the world for many years including Countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Jordan, Kuwait, Africa. She therefore understands the cultures of the various countries and throughout the years has created an incredible world wide Network.
Her Motto “Nothing is Impossible”.


Nicholas Evstigneev, Russian parents born in Australia, Swiss resident is the Chief Operations of Air-Dynamic from the start.

Nicholas has over 30 years of experience in the Aviation Industry and Business Development. He is also Pilot of Fixed wings and Helicopters.
He travelled and worked in the whole world since a young men, difficult to name a Country he has not visited. He worked under contractors as well as with the United Nations for Humanitarian flights and air food delivery.
Speaks fluent Russian and English.


Dorothea, The German component of the team, started her journey with Air-Dynamic from the very beginning. After her university studies both in Germany and Italy in languages and music science and her Internship at the United Nations WFP she started the company’s Business Development in August 2005. She is today focused on clients relationships, flight operations and sales. Speaks perfect Italian, German, English.


Monia Paternesi, in private life is a mother of 4 children which is one of the reasons along with many years of experience working in the General Aviation of LIRA (Ciampino) that has allowed her to develop communication skills and organizational skills for the management of different situations linked to different needs. At work like at home.
Monia takes care of her customer’s requests with the utmost professionalism and makes sure that every detail from A to Z is taken care of. She speaks Italian, French and English.


Francesca Cairoli is sales specialist and customer assistant in Lugano.
Her customer service experience for more than 20 years in the airlines and cruise lines, allows her to quickly grasp customer’s needs and spot opportunities to recommend products and services that will make their choice even better.
Her talent for keeping always up to date with events in a business where change is a constant with the ability to react quickly allows her to give a perfect service.
Francesca speaks English, Italian, Spanish and French.

Her favorite aphorism is by St.Augustine:
“The world is a book, and those who don’t travel read only one page”


Andrea is the US Global Luxury Experience Executive for Air Dynamic SA and currently splits her time between Long Island, NY and Lugano, Switzerland. She was born in Massachusetts but loved her time living in Hawaii, Switzerland, and Washington DC. Andrea holds a Bachelors degree in Finance from Bentley University and an MBA in Marketing from Fordham University. In her time out of the office she heads off with friends and family to travel, do extreme sports such as skiing, snowboarding, and triathlon, and spends as much time as possible focusing and appreciating the beauty and simplicity that surrounds us.

Prior to her current position, Andrea worked within project economics supporting multi-million dollar commercial negotiations for one of the largest companies in the world as well as working with international accounts for one of the largest technology companies in the world.  Her current goal is to bring joy and beauty to as many people as possible through air travel and to ensure they are treated with the utmost care and the highest level of service.


Captain Aldo Servi was born in Rome on 8 November 1946. As a pilot – whose entire career has been in executive aviation – he has flown 25,000 hours. He started working very young in Snam S.p.A., a company belonging to the ENI group.

Captain Servi worked in the aforementioned company and became Servizi Aerei’s Accountable Manager, company’s CEO. He worked as Ops Manager, Captain and instructor, giving a great contribution to the increase of company activities.

As Ops Manager, Captain Servi promoted and achieved the cd. Head-Up display system for Cat. IIIA manual approaches, collaborating with organisations such as FAA, CAA, Bureau Veritas and ENAC.

Captain Servi started a collaboration with SIRIO S.p.A. in 2007. The company located in Milan is a leader in executive aviation in Italy. At the time, SIRIO had about 30 aircraft – either owned or belonging to third parties. Captain Servi became CEO of the subsidiary SIRIO EXECUTIVE S.p.A. and held a 20% stake of SIRIO through Servi Aviation.

Sirio Executive even owned a Dassault Falcon 900B and a Dassault Falcon 2000, top quality aircraft for charter operations.

In 2005, Captain Servi created Servi’s Aviation Roma S.r.l. a handling company for executive aviation operating in Rome Ciampino airport. Due to the company’s great success, Servi’s Aviation achieved the rights to operate as handler also in Milano Linate airport.

Today, after over 15 years of collaboration Captain Servi is a consultant for Air-Dynamic SA for aircraft Sales and Acquisitions.


Mediterranean heart, born in Turin from Sicilian family. The wind, the sea and the sand are the elements on which its life philosophy is based.

He follows Physics and Philosophy, opposite elements from which it draws great balance. The plane and the aeronautical world are his passions, hence the desire to collaborate and promote Air-Dynamic services.

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