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Private Aviation: Travel Safely During the COVID Emergency

air dynamic is ready for you in the covid emergency

What are the real benefits of traveling privately?

The world of travel and flights was put to the test during this time of health emergency. Airports are often extremely crowded areas and several dozen people are crammed into very small planes, in close contact. The crisis that the entire sector is experiencing is therefore not surprising: health is a precious asset and must be protected in all its aspects. Taking a classic commercial flight could give a great sense of insecurity during these days.

What are, instead, the advantages of a private flight?

  • Exclusivity: you fly only with whoever you want, there are no other passengers and you can decide to fly only with your family or with selected people.
  • Priority access to the aircraft: it is not necessary to queue and make contact with other people. Access is reserved and in priority.
  • Land near your destination: with a helicopter you can land just a few steps away from your destination, with a private jet you can land in small airports and off the commercial routes. Closer, faster.
  • Maximum flexibility: anywhere, anytime. Avoid moments of increased flow, use the most central and exclusive airports. All to minimize the chances of getting in touch with other people.

AirDynamic also guarantees total cleaning of the vehicle after each use: deep cleaning carried out with professional techniques and materials by specialized personnel.

In short, if you have not yet had the opportunity to fly privately, now is the right time.

Contact us now and fly with us!

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