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Private flight: how much time will you save?

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Time is money: we did a test to understand how much time you will gain by flying privately.

We carried out a private service bringing our client from Lugano to Rhodes, Greece. Meanwhile, a member of our staff made the same journey without using private aviation (for operational needs).

The result was merciless: with private aviation the time to reach Rhodes from Lugano was 3h30m overall.

Instead, we will tell you about the odyssey experienced by our staff member:

  • 3h by train from Lugano to Zurich
  • night in Zurigh
  • woke up at 6am, took flight at 9.15 and finally reached Athens, Greece (2,5 h flight)
  • 5 hours layover at the airport – mask ūüė∑ on – and finally took the second flight to Rhodes (50 minutes)
  • arrived in Rhodes at 7pm

Total 26 hours of travel (vs 3h30m flying privately).

Private Jet to Rhodes

Surely not all destinations are so complex but practically all secondary destinations (where you need to make a stopover) involve these times that can easily be avoided thanks to a private flight.

We don’t have to think about of remote places, just think of splendid locations that do not have direct flights from Zurich or Milan: most of the best destinations are excluded from the main routes that mainly serve big cities and large centers. Through our Jet and Helicopter service we can take you to any destination, saving you time and giving you an unforgettable experience without the slightest problem.

Think of the difficulties, using classic airlines, in reaching splendid destinations such as the Greek islands but also Sant Moritz and Engadina, the splendid Italian islands, the best French ski resorts ecc.

Don’t give up, fly privately!

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