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Private flight is here to stay!

The trend is more and more positive, year after year. Let’s analyze the phenomenon.

There were those who believed that Covid would finally stop the trend: in reality it was not so, quite the contrary. As often happens in times of crisis, habits have changed and private aviation has become from an object for a select few to something more and more common.

Let’s face it: the cost of a commercial flight is certainly lower but the service is also completely different.

We often talk to our customers and we often find ourselves asking why they choose to fly privately and these are the most common answers:

  • Flexibility and speed: time is money as well as the most precious resource at our disposal. it is necessary to safeguard it as much as possible and flying privately allows you to be masters of your time,
  • Privacy: especially for the most famous or less eager customers to let people know where they are going. Privacy is becoming more and more important for our customers and we protect it at 360 degrees.
  • Last mile: being taken with a helicopter to the roof of the skyscraper where the meeting will take place saves not only time, but also energy. Air-Dynamic takes care of everything from picking you up home to bringing you back, relaxed from a smooth trip.
  • Comfort and relaxation: not having to worry about anything on a comfortable seat, perhaps with your pet or with anyone you like to have by your side, is priceless.
  • Baggage: our customers don’t like restrictions and luckily we have very few of them.
  • Health: traveling alone or in the company of people you know is an advantage for your health which is perceived as extremely important these days.
  • Freedom: to change and revise your plans. Impossible with scheduled flights, a breeze when flying privately.

In short, these are the answers we have most often: do you have other answers for us?

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