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Private Flight: Lugano-Ibiza

lugano ibiza private jet private helicopter air dynamic

Private flight Lugano Ibiza with the VIP service of Air Dynamic!

Who says summer says Ibiza. Who wants the best flight experience wants private Jets. Why settle for fun only? Also choose luxury by a private Jet charter.

Fast, comfortable and unforgettable. Choose when to leave, choose the aircrafts that best suits you and do not miss anything.

Take a ride (or why not even a flight) on its dream beaches, enjoy the nightlife that characterizes this fantastic Ibiza, spend the night at the Hard Rock Hotel (are you sure you want to sleep?)

But that’s not all, dreams are not lived with your feet on the ground. Open your wings and fly on board of a private Helicopter to live your experience at 360 degrees.

Enjoy your private transfer, enjoy the location, enjoy your life.

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