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Qatar 2023 International Motor Show

Geneva Qatar Motor Show

Excitement is revving up for the inaugural GIMS QATAR, an automotive festival that builds on the Geneva International Motor Show’s heritage of excellence by unleashing the innovative capabilities of Qatar. Visitors and exhibitors can look forward to an unprecedented showcase of luxury, sports, exotics, and classics..

..and Air-Dynamic is already organizing transfers and accommodation for interested customers.

Are you ready to embark on an extraordinary automotive journey? Qatar 2023 International Motor Show is the place to be, a spectacular event set to redefine the way we experience automobiles. Building on the success of its Geneva counterpart, this exhibition promises an unforgettable experience for car enthusiasts and industry professionals alike.

The event will be held in Doha (5-14 October 2023) and it aims to provide a platform for automotive manufacturers and enthusiasts to come together and celebrate their shared passion. This time, it’s in the enchanting surroundings of Qatar, offering a unique cultural experience alongside the automotive extravaganza.

Attending such a prestigious event involves a lot of planning, especially if you’re coming from abroad. To ensure that attendees have a relaxed and unforgettable experience, we can offer comprehensive assistance with:

International transfers: our team is at your service to arrange seamless transfers to the event venue.

Accommodation: Qatar has a range of world-class hotels and accommodations to suit all preferences. We can help you find the perfect place to stay, ensuring a comfortable and convenient visit.

Any question? Visit the website and feel free to ask us directly any time!

Geneva International Show QATAR

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