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Saint Moritz? By helicopter directly to your hotel

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Every year one of the most popular destinations: how to easily reach Saint Moritz?

We are not talking about a place on the other side of the world (with a Eurocentric vision) but Saint Moritz is a pearl set in the Alps between winding and often snow-covered roads (especially in this season).

How is it possible to reach this pearl easily?

Sure, you could take your car: struggle to get there, take hours (if you like and you are close), park, carry your luggage … boring, don’t you think?

With a private jet everything is easier, a few tens of minutes, a few hours maximum (as always, it depends on the starting point) and you are there. From Samedan Airport you will be in the center in less than ten minutes. Not bad huh?

It’s even easier with the helicopter: you can land directly near your hotel, in comfort. No traffic, no stress.

The question you are asking yourself now is: is it better with jet or private helicopter? The answer is very simple: call us! We will decide together by faithfully following your needs and working on an unforgettable travel experience.

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Private Jet Saint Moritz Lugano

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