How To…

Booking Procedures
  1. Send an email to with your flight request.
  2. Receive your quote within 2 hours (quotes can be even immediate or up to 24hours for more elaborate requests or during peak season).
  3. Confirm your flight by filling out a contract that Air Dynamic’s Staff will duly prepare for you.
  4. Send your contract along with payment details (Credit Card or Wire details).
  5. Receive your flight confirmation – print and check in 15 minutes prior departure

Please note that the Flight confirmation will indicate meeting point, crew details, registration, flight duration and any other useful information for a perfect flight.

Cancellation Charges
  • No show or cancellation 24 hours prior departure: 100% penalty
  • 24 and 72 hours prior departure: 75% penalty
  • 72 hours until 7 days prior departure: 50% penalty
  • 7 days until 14 days prior departure: 30% penalty
  • From confirmation: 10% penalty

Delays: Should the client arrive later than the scheduled departure time the Customer will not be charged any fee if the delay does not exceed 45 minutes. Should the delay exceed 45 minutes Air Dynamic has the right to refuse the service of passenger transport. In addition, any aircraft positioning costs in relation to the flight will be charged to the customer. Bad weather conditions: If no positioning has been made yet or no other costs have incurred and the Operation’s Team confirms that the flight cannot be performed due to poor weather conditions 100% refund will be made.

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Choose the right Luggage
  • Luggage Limitations: Only 1 luggage, possibly soft bag or trolley is allowed on board. Dimensions as per information below for each different aircraft and weight 15 kg per flying person.
  • On a 109 Grand: max dimension for each luggage 30x40x80 cm (medium small samsonite trolley)
  • On a 365 Dauphin: max dimension for each luggage 43x75x90 cm (medium samsonite trolley)
  • On a AS 350: max dimension for each luggage 25x35x55 cm (small samsonite trolley)
  • On a EC 120: max dimension for each luggage 25x35x55 cm (small samsonite trolley)

Please be aware that the number of pieces, and the actual weight is calculated by the pilot in advance for each single flight being a combination of distance to fly, fuel on board, number of passengers etc…so if in doubt please ask us immediately for best advice.