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Strikes and problems in airports around the world: private aviation is the solution.

Airport Strike

A black period for commercial aviation while flying privately is no problem at all.

For many people, summer 2022 is turning out to be a nightmare: planes booked months in advance canceled overnight, insane delays, great uncertainty.

The factors that led to these problems are mainly 2:

  • Covid: Covid has led to a reduction in staff for several airlines. The return to normal pre covid air traffic has not been followed by a resorption of the workforce which is now not enough to meet current needs.
  • Strikes: certainly linked to the first point, in general the strikes are undermining a situation that is already compromised in itself. Without going into the merits of the reasons for which these strikes are called, they are certainly creating various inconveniences for passengers.

To what extent is private aviation affected by these problems?

Almost zero.

Flying privately allows you to avoid the problems related to strikes and lack of staff, consequently avoiding queues, cancellations and all that follows.

Is flying privately a VIP thing?
Surely for us all customers are VIPs but this does not mean that the service is for the exclusive use of super billionaires and footballers. In short, calling costs nothing and flying with us costs less than you might think, with always excellent service.

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