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Summer 2021: boom in private aviation

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This year more and more people have relied on the safety and exclusivity of private aviation for the summer holidays. Let’s analyze the phenomenon together.

Surely, from a social isolation point of view, safety is a great advantage of the world of private aviation. We had already talked about it in this article.

Of course there is not only this, and as we have seen, the favorite destinations have become the most exclusive ones, often not easy to reach and characterized by the absence of crowds, even in the busiest months for travelers.

Even the situation of commercial flights certainly favored the expansion of private flights: we had explained it in this article and the situation, according to various testimonies, has not changed. Long lines and crowded planes, as well as last minute cancellations and service that leaves something to be desired too often.

What do we want to do with this article? Simply tell how the ever-increasing trend of private flights has undergone a further boost during this hot summer. More and more people, not just VIPs, Footballers and Super Managers, fly privately. Do you want more information? Write to us, come and have a coffee at Lugano Airport or we can organize a video call. We are at your complete disposal with our experience of more than 15 years: our knowledge in the world of private aviation allows us to always give you the best solution at the best price. Try it, you will not be disappointed.

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Private Jet Lugano Summer 2021 Aviation

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