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Summer has ended. Are you ready for a new autumnal adventure?

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It’s time to enjoy the extraordinary colours of autumn! So why not start thinking about a suitable destination to admire the foliage of this season?

A trip on the “Foliage Train” is a must. A journey through some of the most beautiful and evocative valleys in this period, Valle Vigezzo and the Centovalli, starting from Domodossola and arriving in Locarno in Switzerland. 52 km of track, 2 countries, 83 bridges and 31 tunnels to discover in just under two hours. An adventure by train through forests and valleys in the warm colours of red, orange and yellow. And if you feel like it, you can always get off and enjoy the wonders of a picturesque location.

But for those who want to stay in Italy, there is so much to admire. Starting in Piedmont with the famous Canelli, the world capital of sparkling wine or Barolo. Perhaps accompanied by a tasting of the renowned white truffle typical of Piedmont. And how can we not mention Tuscany? Festive villages, colourful forests, castles and vineyards. Undoubtedly Tuscany remains one of the most popular destinations for Italians and foreigners alike. How can you resist the flavours and scents of this land accompanied by picturesque landscapes? A trip to the renowned Chianti hills and a dip in the relaxing thermal waters of Montecatini Terme. Without neglecting its very important cities of art, there’s nothing to miss. 

And if you want to travel across the border, you’ll be spoilt for choice…. Gdansk, for example, with its fascinating history offers many attractions that can be visited on foot from the Old Town. From thrilling views, linked to grandiose works of mediaeval architecture, without neglecting the charm of the Teutonic Order Castle and that of Rzucewo.

And to stay on the same theme, let’s not forget Buda Castle in Budapest, a city that in autumn has a temperature of 20°, ideal for long walks to enjoy the wonderful foliage of its gardens, such as the Vàrosligetche, which also houses a zoo. The wonderful art galleries and, why not, a few tastings of excellent Hungarian wines, not forgetting the historic thermal baths. And don’t forget the Oszi Festival!

And what about Dubrovnick? With 250 days of sunshine a year, this is the ideal time of year for tourists as the summer crowds are gone and the city offers ideal temperatures of around 20°. The city is also famous for its many entertainment opportunities for lovers of good food and… cinema! So much to see that it is impossible to name it all! And of course you can’t miss the chance to glide through the air on the amazing cable car!

I would say that it would be worth making a detour to Innsbruck, where nothing is missing: gastronomy, cultural gems and unforgettable landscapes. And since it is the low season, you can enjoy the wonders this city has to offer in total relaxation away from the crowds. Don’t forget Ambras Castle, which houses collections on a par with those of the Louvre or the Uffizi. And absolutely to try the Cableway of Nordkette that allows to admire all the valley on which rises Innsbruck and above all with a stop to the Alpine zoo. All this while waiting to visit the splendid Christmas markets and to take advantage of the ski slopes!

Obviously, Copenhagen, another unique city, is also a must-see destination, with few hours of sunshine at this time of year, but everything is surrounded by warm colours. This is the best time to enjoy Hygge! Be inspired by the Danish lifestyle and enjoy the good things in life. But we mustn’t forget all the other wonders Denmark has to offer, such as Odense, the birthplace of Hans Andersen. And what about all the other (many) islands of Denmark? Like the beautiful and very special Faroe Islands. Some of which are still uninhabited and perhaps waiting to be explored….

When we talk about autumn, we can’t help but think of Scotland. Hiking shoes, a spirit of adventure and a camera to explore the Scottish Highlands! At this time of year, with these colours, they are even more Scottish than ever! And don’t forget to stop off at Loch Ness. To immerse yourself in the legend in an atmosphere that might even give you a few thrills…

City lovers should not miss a stop in Glasgow, one of the most modern and dynamic cities in the United Kingdom, as well as the amazing capital city of Edinburgh, which is divided between the Old Town (medieval) and the New Town and offers the opportunity to immerse oneself in two completely different universes.

And if you’ve missed out on the summer, all you have to do is pack your bags and escape to Gran Canaria… without a doubt the island with the best climate in the Canary Islands! You’ll be able to enjoy its beautiful beaches at an ideal temperature of 26 degrees without missing the autumn view of the multicoloured leaves of La Caldera de Bandama.

Well, what can I say…. I would say that this autumn will have something for everyone!!!

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