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The best time to visit Dubai is now!

Dubai by night

Only 6h flight from Lugano.

Why now?

Perfect temperature: 26/27 degrees Celsius and a pleasant breeze that will accompany you throughout your journey. A break from the cold temperatures of Europe.

But that’s not all: December is famous in Dubai for the spectacular events that fill the calendar. The Mebaa Air-Show (of course we talk about our passions) is literally unmissable (December 6-8) but the events are so many that it is impossible to list them all.

If you then want to travel and move from Dubai to Qatar, Doha is only a 30-minute flight away and there are several cities that can be visited within a few tens of minutes of flight.

We give you a final gem: the museum of the future in Dubai is literally the place to be in this period.

A unique and immersive experience that is attracting visitors from all over the world: we tell you before it becomes impossible to enter because of the crowds 🙂

Last reason: you can easily organize the 6h flight with us. Dubai is one of the destinations to which we fly most often and we have the best planes available to make your trip unforgettable, also putting our knowledge of the United Arab Emirates at your service!

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