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Time is precious: why waste it in a car wash?


Vash has arrived in Ticino, the service that allows you to wash your supercar wherever and whenever you want.

And when we say when and where you want we are absolutely not joking: even at your home, in your garden or in in your office parking lot.

VASH is the car wash system with innovative and ecological technology: it cleans and sanitizes your car with the power of steam alone.

They will take care of everything, without waste and without polluting.
With steam alone and without the use of chemicals, your car will be as good as new. Vash’s professional staff is trained to give your car the best treatment possible.

It is also nice to know how this washing system is not only comfortable but also extremely eco friendly. Conventional washing systems use up to 500 liters of water, which in modern systems is largely filtered, but cannot be compared to the water consumption of the steam cleaner. With Vash between 3-4 liters of water per vehicle are used. Their purification does not produce waste water. Even when you hand wash your car at home, you need an average of 60-140 liters of water. This amount of water is polluted with tar, exhaust gases and chemicals and flows partly unfiltered into the soil. At the end of the process there will be no water or dirt on the floor. As if nothing ever happened, except for the car which will be shiny and clean.

Why does Air-Dynamic recommend the use of this service to its selected customers?

Because we have also used Vash for our Helicopters and Private Jets, with exceptional results. We are therefore ready to bet on the satisfaction of our customers.

Do you have a spectacular car? Try Vash and let us know if our advice was correct 🙂

Book your now your first experience with Vash clicking here.

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