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Tips for a safe journey in the Time of Covid-19

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In times of pandemic traveling is not easy: whether it is for necessity or for pleasure, let’s see together some tips to do it in total safety.

Learn about regulation: Each country has specific regulations that often even differ from region to region within the same country. It is essential to be aware of the regulations in force and to keep abreast of potential changes which are often rapid and unannounced.

Insurance: Get health insurance and make sure it is active in the destination country. Do specific research and inquire about health practice. Travel insurance might also be handy.

Avoid crowded places and public transport: We could go further and invite you to avoid crowded destinations and places full of people in general, especially indoors. Of course this is always true, regardless of the journey: it never hurts to repeat it.

Use Private Transportation: Avoid crowded public transportation if possible, avoid crowds and move through private transportation.

Call us: yes, call us and tell us where you want to go, we’ll take care of the rest. Thanks to our experience we can take care of all the first 4 points, allowing you to travel without worries and dangers.

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