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What do you eat on a private jet?

Private jet dish

Of course, not what you eat on a commercial aircraft. But let’s see the differences better.

All of us at least once in our lives have eaten on a commercial aircraft. Pre-cooked food, quickly heated, so-so quality, zero customization.. in short: we are not satisfied and most of the time we eat everything out of hunger despite the not exactly excellent quality.

What can you find on your plate, flying with us?

Basically, whatever you want.

We provide a concierge service with attention to the smallest details to offer you an exclusive and unique experience of its kind: we invest a lot of energy, passion and expertise into seeking out unique solutions for each client.

We have hundreds of examples of people with particular culinary cravings who were promptly satisfied: the truffle lover, Roman cuisine, sushi, haute patisserie… we’ve literally seen everything.

Naturally we are able to satisfy diets other than the omnivorous one such as vegetarians and vegans (and even raw foodists!).

Finally, we are very attentive to the allergies and intolerances of our loyal customers: don’t be afraid, tell us what you like and what you can’t or don’t want to eat, we will amaze you!

haute cousine private jet

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