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What does it mean to take a commercial flight today?

Crowded airport covid

unfortunately the answer is simple and you will not like it: it means putting yourself at risk and not being able to have social distancing.

Far be it from us to say not to fly: flying is the best thing there is and we always advise you to do it (in compliance with current regulations and maximum safety).

It doesn’t matter if you’re flying a low cost one or one of our fantastic airplanes: the essence of travel is sacred to us so we absolutely don’t want to tell you to avoid commercial flights.

In this period, however, we would like to point out that perhaps it is better to invest and fly with maximum safety, serenity and relaxation through a private flight. Otherwise you will go to meet this crowd (photographed by us just a few weeks ago):

Unfortunately, flying from a large airport often means finding yourself in these situations and in the current situation it is really best to avoid.

Do you want to deepen the topic of private travel? Do you want a quotation? We are at your disposal.

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