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We have selected a fleet of helicopters to provide the most cost effective solution for your transfers be it for Business or for Leisure. This fleet is operated internationally and stretegically deployed throughout Europe and the Middle East, ensuring that wherever you are flying from we are minimizing positioning costs and providing the best quality/price equation with immediate availability of aircraft.

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Luxury Concierge

We provide a concierge service with attention to the smallest details to offer you an exclusive and unique experience of its kind.

We invest a lot of energy, passion and expertise into seeking out unique solutions for each client.
Our role as an air service provider necessarily puts us in touch with the leading aircraft manufacturers. We work closely with Dassault, Cessna, Pilatus and can organise factory visits, test flights /aircraft demonstrations and set up meetings with their sales teams directly. From this point on you are in complete control over your purchase, no middlemen, your aircraft delivered to your specifications.

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