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Why don’t we start thinking about summer holidays?

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It might be premature, sure. But for a moment we want to stop talking about Covid and think about a free and joyful summer.

Last year the epidemiological curve tapered off during the warmer months: a certain optimism could lead us to think that it will happen again this year. We also better know the virus and the vaccination campaign is continuing. We therefore try to look forward to next summer with hope, but always with the utmost attention to the safety and health of our passengers.

So let’s talk about travel. Surely there are some peculiarities of traveling by helicopter and private jet that allow maximum safety, both during the journey and at the destination. It is in fact possible to avoid the places of mass tourism, avoid crowded airports and travel only with family and friends.

If we can be of inspiration, for example, some islands of Greece (such as Paros, Antiparos, Naxos, Gyaros, etc.) are not easily accessible through direct flights and are therefore certainly less populated but equally fascinating and beautiful.

Italy is a tourist destination par excellence but surely you can find some isolated pearls along the boot (Ustica, Procida, Pantelleria, Levanzo etc.): smaller and stunnig island.

What about Corsica (France)? Wonderful and wild! Northern Germany is certainly less hot but equally interesting for landscapes and hiking opportunities (have you ever been in Sylt Island?). Spain is not only Ibiza and Formentera (Isla d’en Colom, Dragonera, Ízaro etc.) and Portugal overlooks the ocean beautifully and still offers several points that are not easy to reach.

For now we have tried to stay in Europe and we have only talked about the tip of the iceberg: the world is much bigger and we hope to have a chance to show it to you far and wide!

For any need, contact us, if you have a pearl to suggest do not hesitate!

PS In the next articles we will give you some tips for wonderful, totally tailor-made trips: stay tuned and subscribe now to our newsletter!

Naxos Beach AirDynamic private
A deserted beach in Naxos (Greece)

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