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Why don’t you buy yourself an island?

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..and other not-so-crazy ideas for improving the quality of life during this pandemic.

We promised you: we wanted to give you some good ideas to live unscathed and maybe happy this period that is certainly putting us to the test.

In this first article we will face two brilliant ideas:
1- buy yourself an island
2- work remotely from the Bahamas

Don’t you know? Together with our international partners we have found different solutions to find islands for sale in which you can practice maximum social distancing and isolation.

You will think it’s not affordable: no! The price start at around $ 80,000 for small islands and obviously can go up to 75,000,000$ for bigger islands with airstrips for private jets. Yes, it’s something but you will own your own island!
You will think they are unreachable: not even! With Air-Dynamic no place is hard to reach (we have two beautiful island at your disposal, 2h flight from Miami).

Regarding Bahamas: the new visa is valid for one year and can be applied for by those who want to move to work remotely, have a second home on the island or stay for a longer period. It is a visa that meets the international demand to be able to move to this slice of paradise (less than an hour from Miami) that has been able to manage the global pandemic effectively by implementing tests and all kinds of monitoring.

If you work from home often all you need is an internet with a reliable
connection. In that case, why not work from the Bahamas or from your own private Island?

Having said this: see you at the next article with other curious but effective ideas to face this period.

We almost forgot: what is written in the article is all true and we are already helping several people to evaluate the purchase of properties or their temporary transfers (together with our partner C.A. Christie Real Estate). Air-Dynamic is not just private flights but much more, we are always at your disposal, contact us.

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